Dutch Base Association

This association will soon be effective with the goal to promote safe and legal BASE jumping in the Netherlands or by Dutch Base jumpers.

The big difference between Base jumping and skydiving is that skydiving is jumping a parachute from an airship and with BASE is jumped from fixed objects.

BASE is an acronym standing for the four main types of objects that are jumped. They are Building, Antenna, Span (bridge), Earth (cliff) and for a jumper to attain a BASE number they must jump from each of these objects.

BASE jumping itself is not prohibitit in the Netherlands. Nothing in the law says one's not allowed to jump from fixed objects. On the other hand most objects are not freely accessible and one's not allowed to bring another in danger. In the opinion of the DBA it should be legal to jump fixed object in the Netherlands if jumped from an object with permission when all precaution are performed to prevent bringing surrounders in danger.

For the time being BASE jumping in the Netherlands is quite "low profile" or "underground" and carried out by probably no more than 30 people in NL and 1500 worldwide.

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